Solving a Real Life Problem


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As a lawyer you are dependant to other lawyers. What's the best way to find a good lawyer to work with?

What is a good lawyer to work with?

You expect the lawyer to be diligent, communicative, professional and competent.

How to find a good lawyer?

Internet can provide some information: A lawyer bar always provides a list of all of its lawyers. You then google its name to check its ratings and browse its website if any. You contact the lawyer through phone or email.

Alternatively a lawyer you already know will recommend one of his friend or colleague. This is the preferred approach because it creates a chain of trust.

The default collaboration workflow

The default way to work together is to send the instruction to your colleague and let him do its work. Your colleague is supposed to inform you through mails or phone-calls about his actions and when he is done.

Payment is done manually, once the task is done. It can be paid by the client directly.

The social network approach

The integrated solution approach

If you opt-in for an integrated solution, you expect features. There are different approaches that provide lawyers some interesting features.