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Ambient, Chill & Focus Soundscapes

- March 8, 2021Lifestyle

A soundscape is a sound or combination of sounds that forms or arises from an immersive environment.

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React - Server Side Rendering

- February 13, 2021Web Dev

Let's talk about React Server-side Rendering for specific use-cases. When is it useful and when is it not? Will search engines become better at indexing Client-side React apps?

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Modern Web Development Tools

- December 29, 2020Web Dev

Tooling is important, try digging with bare hands, then use a shovel and then run a modern digging machine. Notice the difference? Tooling in web development is key and some tools have become industry standard.

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Unicode and UTF-8

- November 11, 2020Web Dev

A Byte is a number between 0 and 255, represented as between 0 and FF in hexadecimal. There are more than 256 characters in the world, so you cannot represent each of them with only 1 byte. A combination of 2 bytes could represent up to 65.536 characters. A combination of 4 bytes could represent more than 4 billion characters.

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Asynchronous Javascript

- October 3, 2020Web Dev

By default, JS executes code line by line in a synchronous way. While doing so, the page is unresponsive. We don't notice it because its usually very fast. Some specific tasks take a long time to execute, but we cannot afford blocking the page. How to solve this?

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- July 24, 2020Web Dev

Typescript improves Javascript in specific areas. Team collaboration is easier, the code is more robust and the IDE can catch errors before run-time. This improves code-review and developer productivity. Typescript gets transpiled to Javascript at build time, as the browser only understands Javascript.

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Solving a Real Life Problem

- July 22, 2020Random

As a lawyer you are dependant to other lawyers. What's the best way to find a good lawyer to work with?

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Payments with Stripe

- July 15, 2020Web Dev

When you put payment on your site, you know that things get serious. Payment means you have something users are willing to pay. Payment is a barrier so you need to convince the user that it's worth it. If you provide a service that no else provide for free, then you can hope to sell it. The price is linked to the value of the service or the good.

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- July 13, 2020Web Dev

Icons create a better user experience. They must be simple and not distracting. They make the page more attractive than text-only pages. They must be carefully selected as they convey the personality of the website.

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Web Development Challenges

- July 6, 2020Web Dev

Creating a website is like creating a product: you must know what problem you are solving, and you must think of a good design. You also face specific challenges related to the web platform.

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- July 1, 2020Web Dev

What are forms? Why are they used? How can a form be useful for the user and the recipient? In real life, you fill forms for many different uses: to submit a specific request, to place an order, to provide required information, and so on. In essence, a form is a way to provide structured and labeled data as opposed to unstructured and unlabelled data.

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Backend as a Service: Firebase

- June 9, 2020Web Dev

Server configuration, maintenance, and administration. Database, authentication, hosting, analytics, data caching, scaling. You don't want to implement it from scratch. Google offers a robust and advanced service called Firebase. It serves as Backend as a service (BaaS).

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- June 4, 2020Web Dev

The designer must centralize the data into the cloud, preserve the data integrity, and protect confidential data from unauthorized access.

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Web UI Elements Styling

- May 30, 2020Web Dev

Web UI Elements such as buttons have a native style but must be improved. Changing the default style triggers obscure side-effects that are not consistent from a browser to another. As a result, getting consistent appearance requires handling most of the css properties ourself.

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Web UI Layout Basics

- May 20, 2020Web Dev

UI layout defines the general structure of the document. It is laid out by the browser through following many different rules that can be customized.

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Javascript Inner Workings

- May 8, 2020Web Dev

Il n'y a pas de classe en javascript. Il n'y a que des objets et des fonctions. Si l'on veut que plusieurs objets partagent des fonctionnalités communes, le seul moyen possible est de définir ces fonctionnalités communes dans un objet, et que cet objet soit référencé par tous les objets intéressés d'y accéder. Cet objet partagé est appelé un prototype.

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The Declarative Approach - React Updates the UI

- April 11, 2020Web Dev

An app shows data to the user through the User Interface (UI). When the data changes, the app must update the UI accordingly.

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A first day at the EFB

- January 10, 2020Random

Today I attended the first lecture at the EFB. The speakers said the first internship has to take place in a company, or in a foreign country law firm. The second internship has to take place in a french law firm. One internship is supposed to last 6 months but can be split into 2 smaller internships.

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My instable path in the iOS Development world

- January 8, 2020Random

I've always owned Apple computers. In 2013, I felt the need to write a small program to help me learn some Chinese vocabulary and to keep track of my progress. I happened to have some very elementary knowledge of C++, so I wrote a small command-line executable. You would open the program in the Terminal and interact with it in a fairly simple way.

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I Succeeded The CRFPA

- December 5, 2019Random

The CRFPA is the key to become a lawyer in France. After 2 years in the making, I finally succeeded the CRFPA Exam. I passed both the written and oral exam this Fall 2019. As this big step is now done, let's review how it happened and what's next.

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Web UI Text Styling Basics

- November 12, 2019Web Dev

The browser comes with default text styling. The default styling feels bland and amateurish. To create a pleasant user experience and attract the eye of the reader, you must customize and improve the styling.

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- September 10, 2019Random

我十八岁的生日礼物是跟妈妈去上海旅行,参观上海世界博览会。2010年夏天去了上海。我们住在“seagul on the bund“位于外滩的宾馆。

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Prime Numbers

- September 1, 2019Random

If a number is the product of two or more other numbers, then it's a composite numbers. If not, then it's a prime number. For example, you can write 10 as a product of 2 and 5. But you cannot write 7 as the product of other numbers. (2*3 = 6 , 2*4 = 8, 3*3 = 9). As such, 7 is a prime number.

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- August 16, 2019Random

景山公园的一个清晨。2015年 八月 四号。四年以前。到北京,有时差。

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From Content Consumer to Content Creator

- June 7, 2019Lifestyle

Most of us just consume content on the Web, or through other ways. We read news, we watch videos on youtube, we read comments, we sometimes play some games, we listen to some music. TLDR: we consume a LOT of content everyday. But the experience is a bit limited: we only consume what other people have produced.

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Healthy Life Basics

- June 7, 2019Lifestyle

Getting a healthy lifestyle is a permanent endeavour that involves planning and knowledge, but mostly common sense. Yet, it's worth looking at the subject and sorting things out.

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- June 2, 2019Random


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Listen to your Intuition

- June 1, 2019Lifestyle

Intuition is like an inner feeling that your brain gives you about something. You can either ignore it or listen to it. Sometimes we have a "bad feeling" about something. Or sometimes we don't want to do something because we have the feeling that it will be wasted time.

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2019 Trip to Seoul

- May 28, 2019Travel

In may 2019, I went to Seoul for the first time, for a 2 weeks trip. To be fair, I only visited a tiny tiny part of Seoul, mainly Gangnam. I was shocked to see how large the city is, with so many different districts, it feels like you need a whole life to become familiar with every part of it.

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