Listen to your Intuition

- June 1, 2019


Intuition is like an inner feeling that your brain gives you about something. You can either ignore it or listen to it. Sometimes we have a "bad feeling" about something. Or sometimes we don't want to do something because we have the feeling that it will be wasted time.

For example, right now I'm supposed to study my Chinese textbook for 3 hours. But's it's quite an advanced book. And the last time I did it, sure I was O.K. with the result, but now, after 3 month, my brain is telling me it's not the best thing to do right now. But my app "Revive" is telling me it's what I have to do since it's been already 3 months since the last time I reviewed it.

So what should I do? Should I force myself against what's the intuition is telling me? Should i give up on it altogether? Maybe I should try to understand why my brain is reticent about doing it. Maybe I should do it in another way.

What's the main problem behind spending 3 hours on that textbook? Well the first problem is that It's quite advanced and I might as well review more simple dialogs first. That's a first clue. Maybe I should review first the easier version of that textbook, so that I can get back my confidence.

The second problem is that 3 hours is a long time and I fear that something could happen during those 3 hours and I would not be able to react to it. For example, someone could contact me and then I would not be able to answer him or her. The solution for it would be that I make a 5 min break after each hour so that I can check if received a message or not. Alternatively, I could also let my phone in "Noisy" mode so that I will be aware if anyone messages me.

The third problem is that I'm scared of losing efficiency down the road, when I'm about 1 hour in. I kinda need the extra-motivation to stay focused for 3 hours. The solution to that problem would be to set-up a good motivation straight from the start and accept initially that I won't have the possibility to do something else during those 3 hours.

The last problem is that I feel like I forgot almost everything about the things I learnt the last time. But maybe I actually how to read them, but I just forgot that I *CAN* read them. In other words, I should be reminded what I learnt last time. Alternatively, I could blindly trust that my brain has actually remembered quite everything and should not worry too much. The other way to counter that is to make sure I won't forget anything the next time by using a deep learning method instead of just a temporary learning method.