From Content Consumer to Content Creator

- June 7, 2019

content creator

Most of us just consume content on the Web, or through other ways. We read news, we watch videos on youtube, we read comments, we sometimes play some games, we listen to some music. TLDR: we consume a LOT of content everyday. But the experience is a bit limited: we only consume what other people have produced.

What if we could produce a *BETTER* content ourselves, or something *DIFFERENT*. Creating content is a journey. The destination is to deliver quality content, that will please both the content consumers and ourselves. But along the way, there is a nice trip to enjoy. For example, the process of writing will make you figure out things that you didn't realise before. It's like if there is material in your brain, and by building things you realise that the construction you get is actually meaningful and you can infer some useful concepts out of it.

Usually on the morning, we just get our smartphones and launch our favorite news website to see what has happened in the world while we were sleeping to check if we have missed something. But the news has to be about what other people have made, good or bad. But what if you made the news instead of just reading the news. Or even better, what if you didn't have to worry about the bad news. And what if you could access directly to the underlying data or facts that triggered the news, and could make your own piece of news instead of relying on a limited piece of text that relates incomplete or misinterpreted content.

There is an effort to be made, you need to create your own news, by doing activities that are meaningful instead of consuming other people content. Only consume content that is useful for you. Don't blindly consume content just to fill the time or to empty your brain. The best way to empty your brain of the bad thoughts and to get a sense of satisfaction is by building things with all the knowledge you have accumulated so far.