I Succeeded The CRFPA

- December 5, 2019

Image from Unsplash

The CRFPA is the key to become a lawyer in France. After 2 years in the making, I finally succeeded the CRFPA Exam. I passed both the written and oral exam this Fall 2019. As this big step is now done, let's review how it happened and what's next.

A pretty long journey

In late 2016, I decided to prepare the CRFPA. As I missed the registration deadline, the first attempt took place in late 2018. As I was unsure about the outcome of the exam, I refused to risk one entire year of my life on this "gamble" alone. Therefore I also developed my skills in both Chinese proficiency and Computer Programming and Web Development. It turned out that my first attempt was not good enough. But one year later, in 2019, I succeeded.

A new impulse

Now everything's possible. I can go hard, or go home. It's all possible. But as things get more and more tangible, I get an extra motivation because the destination looks closer than ever. Internships, responsibilities, real income, it's all about to get real.

Better safe than sorry

The more prepared, the better. The things I do now will help me immensely, especially if the knowledge I build is rock-solid. As my fist internship looms, I need to be ready, and I don't want to disappoint.